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Urinary incontinence treatment ny

Bladder Control Problems After Prostate Surgery

Bladder control or urinary incontinence after prostate surgery is very common. Fortunately after a matter of weeks, the majority of patients’ issues resolve naturally. Dr. Jerry Blaivas, explains ways to deal with the issue during those weeks and what to do if the symptoms do not subside.

Urinary incontinence treatment ny

Urinary Incontinence After Prostate Cancer Surgery

In this video, Dr. Blaivas explains diagnosis, treatment, and other ways to deal with the common problem of urinary incontinence in prostate cancer patients. Urinary incontinence after prostate cancer is usually based on the sphincter muscle not working properly.

Urinary incontinence treatment ny

Post ICS OAB Debate Interview 3: Jerry Blaivas

Chris Chapple interviews Jerry Blaivas for ICS TV directly after the Norman Zinner OAB Debate at ICS 2012 in Beijing.


Urinary incontinence treatment ny

Urgency To Urinate But Can’t Go, What Causes This?

Dr. Blaivas explains that rushing to the bathroom and having a hard time going is the common problem of an overactive bladder, which is linked to the symptom of urgency. Reasons for this may include having a hypersensitive bladder, or an involuntary contraction bladder.

Urinary incontinence treatment ny

Urination In The Middle of the Night Explained by Expert Urologist

Dr. Blaivas explains that getting up in the middle of the night to urinate is called nocturia. Reasons for nocturia include the bladder not holding enough to allow the patient to sleep through the night, and the patient’s kidney potentially making more urine than the bladder can hold.

Urinary incontinence treatment ny

New York Urologist’s Inspiration for Becoming a Physician

Although unsure as to what exactly inspired him to become a physician, Dr. Blaivas is a very passionate person who enjoys everything he does. The notion that he is helping people and has the opportunity to do so everyday, keeps him going.

urologist New York

How to Communicate Bladder Prostate Problems To Your DoctorCommunication is key is communicating and treating bladder and prostate problems. Dr. Jerry Blaivas recommends keeping a journal or diary documenting your issues so when in the doctor’s office you can come prepared with answers to questions they may have.
urologist New York

ICS OAB Debate 2: ‘Norm Zinner Tribute’ Jerry Blaivas – ICS 2012

Norman R Zinner Debate: “The ICS Standardisation of OAB 10 Years on: Are We Barking up the Wrong Tree?”



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