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Uro Center of New York
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by BG on Uro Center of New York

Dr. Blaivas,
Thank you so much for taking such excellent care of my son.... You are a medical person that the Hippocratic oath stands for. You are skilled, knowledgeable, kind, caring,& a physician with a big heart. You understood the medical crisis he was undergoing & knew exactly how to treat him. You are a superb doctor, who was the only surgeon, who gave him hope that he would most likely fully recover & be able to lead a normal life, after his bladder surgery. You follow up with patients & even give out your cell # to contact you, when needed. You are a rarity in your field of mass production medical service, where patients are treated like another coin in a money machine. All is hi tech, mechanized,& totally impersonal. You also, acknowledged me as his mother, & treated me with respect & reverence.

Kudos to you Dr & thank you so much for restoring my son back to health. You are the Best!

All good things wished for you,

by Anthony M. Fernicola on Uro Center of New York
Dr. Blaivas saved me from using a catheter for life!

After 8 months of living with a catheter, months of tests and surgeries, I was informed that I may have to live my entire life inserting a catheter. I went for a second opinion with Dr. Blaivas who assured me that I had a good chance of full recover and no more catheters. Everyone from the doctor to his staff are kind, courteous and made me feel at ease. In a mere two days after my surgery with Dr. Blaivas I was able to empty my bladder on my own and I feel like I have my life back!

by S. Sacks on Uro Center of New York
The surgery that Dr. Blaivas performed was life-changing!”

“I had a bladder/vaginal fistula (a hole going from my bladder through the vaginal wall) as a result of a hysterectomy. I had it surgically repaired and it came back a week later. I was extremely scared and upset.

I decided that I would interview doctors for my next surgery. I spoke to 5 different physicians and wrote down how each one wanted to go about the surgery. Dr. Blaivas was the last I interviewed and I knew immediately he was the right one. He answered all my questions and was extremely thoughtful about how to go about correcting my problem.

I never worried for an instant when I was in the care of Dr. Blaivas. Besides being a brilliant physician and surgeon, he is down-to-earth and extremely compassionate. His staff—both in his office and in the hospital—is amazing. I couldn’t have asked for better care.

As you can imagine I was in a panic about having a hole between your bladder and your vagina. Also, the surgery to correct this often fails. I had already been through one corrective surgery. I was incapacitated by the catheter, scared, and very nervous about going through another corrective surgery.

The surgery that Dr. Blaivas performed was life-changing. He took a completely different approach than all the other doctors I interviewed and it made total sense to me.

I am feeling better than I felt before my hysterectomy. There were some other complications caused by the hysterectomy that Dr. Blaivas discovered and corrected. I feel very lucky to have been recommended to him. And I now know that there is a HUGE difference between doctors. It pays to do your homework.

Here’s my advice to anyone who has a problem of this nature…you could not possibly be in better hands. ”

by Victoria on Uro Center of New York
Pain Free

“I am forever grateful to Dr. Blaivas for giving me my life back. I had a mesh bladder sling put in a few years ago which worked for about a year. Out of the blue I began to have sharp stabbing pains that were so bad that I would double over. I hadn't equated the mesh sling to the pains until I went for my annual primary care check-up. My primary care doctor immediately asked me if I had a mesh sling. It was amazing to me that he picked up on it straight away. He sent me to Dr. Blaivas who confirmed that the mesh sling needed removal.

Dr. Blaivas took such good care of me. The surgery went smoothly and when I woke up in the recovery room the pain was completely gone. I cannot say enough good things about him. He is kind, smart, and such a skilled surgeon. It is such a joy to have my life back.

I highly recommend Dr. Blaivas for any type of urology issue, but in particular mesh sling issues.

Thank you, Dr. Blaivas, from the bottom of my heart!”

by Bill Perlmutter on Uro Center of New York
My advice to you is – Run don’t walk to see Dr. Jerry Blaivas.

“The Patient care I received from the URO Center was absolutely the best you could want.

My condition affected me both physically and emotionally… I was depressed, angry and hopeless. What a difference from then to now. I am optimistic, grateful and normal!

My advice to you is – Run don’t walk to see Dr. Jerry Blaivas. He is concerned, dedicated and a Brilliant Doctor!”

by Joyce R Knecht on Uro Center of New York
Thank you Dr. Blaivis for returning my daughter Gail to real life again

"Dear Dr. Blaivis,

Thank you Dr. Blaivis for returning my daughter Gail to real life again.

Your vast knowledge and urinary know how was the reason that Gail will be able to function normally and return to her very much needed job position.

For six months we her family have watched the pain and suffering worsen and the three previous surgeries fail till there was nothing left for her but to sit on a rubber mat in her chair with two catheters and bags on both sides of her… the blood clots associated with all this almost caused her untimely death so said the doctors attending her.

Then came her last chance…. A wonderful doctor in New York knew the answers and that doctor is YOU Dr. Blaivis.

You performed 8 hours of intense surgery and then life and hope seemed to Spring forth. Now I see sparkle and zip and even laughter returning to a very vibrant active young women.

I thank you for the great gift you have given to Gail and to all of us who love her. Your caring and expertise and the successful.

Surgery are making Gail whole again.. and getting the family back in the goove of life.

God gave you this great gift and you shared it and continue to share it with many

From our family and my daughter Gail we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.. We are so very grateful.

We wish you good luck and God’s blessings forever.."

by Andrew T. on Uro Center of New York
I would without a doubt recommend Dr. Blaivas

Can you describe how you felt before the procedure?

I was very nervous prior to meeting Dr. Blaivas as I knew with my stricture coming back I knew I would need surgery again. My urine stream had returned to a smaller stream, more frequency etc. It was not as dine as it was in 2010, when I had a urethrotomy, which is a less successful procedure which I found out usually result in a return of the structure as was my case. This time urethroplasty was recommended as a permanent option.

2. Can you describe how you felt after the procedure?

I am so glad I found Dr. Blaivas to be my surgeon for my urethoplasty. Although I went in ravens prior to the surgery few months later I am symptom free, with full healthy stream and no significant sexual complications. Thank God and Thank You Dr. Blaivas. knowing I’ll never have to worry about this problem again is such a relief. I would call it a success!

3. If a friend asked, would you recommend our practice? Why? Were you happy with the staff?

If I knew anyone going through a urological issue or urinary stricture like I did that especially required surgery I would without a doubt recommend Dr. Blaivas. The men was honest loveful and spoke with confidence when dealing with my case and when surgery was in dictate. I knew I was in the best hands because this was his specialty stricture expert.

by A.V. on Uro Center of New York
The office staff was very professional and cordial

“I was highly recommended to Dr. Jerry Blaivas from Dr. Menachem Shemtov from a family member. Dr. Shemtov thought that Dr. Blaivas would be the best doctor to see for a second opinion based upon his knowledge of my condition and the training, experience and success rate of Dr. Blaivas for my prostate and bladder condition.

The office staff was very professional and cordial to me. I was surprised that the entire staff both front office and back office medical team seemed to be on the same page and appeared to know at all times what was the next step in my office visit. I don’t know how this was achieved but the office visits always flowed very smoothly without a scheduling backup. Unlike my previous visits at another urololgist office in CT, Dr. Blaivas was involved to some degree with my in-office tests and was there to monitor the important tests taking place. He always met with me one on one privately to discuss the results and the next step in my patient care treatments.

I was told by the previous doctor in CT that my bladder was not functioning, about a week after completing extensive in-office tests. I was very concerned and at this point I decided to seek out another medical practice for a second opinion. The difference was remarkable! Dr. Blaivas was very upbeat and encouraging to me after completing his own evaluation and tests in his office. My bladder was enlarged and also my prostate. My bladder had not functioned for almost 4 full months and I was relegated to catheterization to empty my bladder daily. I felt that my life with this condition would never be the same as it used to be.

Twenty one days after having TURP surgery performed on April 1st by Dr. Blaivas and his team, my bladder started to begin to function. By May 16th, my bladder was functioning stronger than I can ever recall. I no longer have any need for catheterization since May 15th.

I would strongly recommend Dr. Blaivas to a friend or colleague who has any type of urological condition that needs treatment. My results are a testament to his skill. My condition was very bad and today I feel like I won the lottery. I would be happy to speak to any future patients of Uro Center of New York.”

by Benjamin Niemczyk on Uro Center of New York
I now live as normal as I’ve ever known

“- Painful urination: gone

- Urinary tract infections: no more

- Worry over scar tissue: none

- Residual urine: still present but much less

I’m a classical music conductor and spend many hours in front of large groups of people. I suffered from a urethral stricture for many years prior to and during my conducting career and such a condition is wholly incompatible with the music trade. So, I felt very much out of control, was in pain frequently and had to plan my rehearsals and performances around trips to the bathroom.

During my youth, long before my stricture was diagnosed, my days consisted of one embarrassing request after another to go to the bathroom during class, during choir rehearsal and when out with friends. Sitting through a full-length film was difficult, and I would select which concerts to attend based on how long the first half of the program was. The intermission was a God-send.

The inconveniences continued through college and into adulthood, and though I told my self that my condition was “just the way it is”, deep down I was frustrated with having to urinate so frequently and never quite feeling like my bladder had emptied out. I eventually reduced my water intake to cause less frequent urination, and this led to dehydration, headaches and general malaise. Conducting is a physically-demanding act, so I was at a crossroads: do I stop conducting just because of my urination issues?

I was coping with the discomfort, but in 2005, everything changed, for the worse. The stricture became more intense and noticeable, still un-diagnosed because I had not sought any medical help. Urinating became increasingly more difficult, and to my greater surprise, I gained weight. A lot of weight. I spent much of my adult life around 160lbs, and in 2005 ballooned to 240 lbs. This of course baffled me, but I conceded and blamed it on genetics.

Then came the emergency. After months of gaining weight, I reached a critical mass of sorts began getting urinary tract infections, one per month starting in January, 2006. My general practitioner treated each with antibiotics but suspected something was seriously wrong. He noticed my kidney function was descending, visit after visit, and in April, I fell seriously ill, barely able to walk. I somehow made it to the hospital where both he and I worked. After bouncing back and forth between him and a urologist, it was determined that I had a stricture that was causing renal failure. The condition meant immediate surgery.

I underwent the first of many dilation's, and while that was a fine remedy, a dilation did not solve the problem. A dilation didn't rid me of the residual urine I would keep following every attempt at urination.

Five years later I met Dr. Blaivas on a recommendation from another urologist. Dr. Blaivas proposed an end-to-end urethroplasty, which I enthusiastically agreed to. I wanted to live as normal a life as possible, and I saw the upcoming surgery as a necessary part of growing as a conductor, which I was practicing with more ensembles than ever.

The years of pain and inconvenience came to an end in Summer, 2012. After a successful surgery and three week recovery, I was free, free from pain, from worry, from the prison of stricture. Dr. Purohit’s end-to-end procedure was the solution to my lifelong problem.

Two years after the surgery, I’m stricture-free. Semi-annual checkups show an open, unobstructed urethra. I now live as normal as I’ve ever known.

The main feelings post-surgery: freedom, pain-fee, worry-free, a sense of normality.

Yes, in a heartbeat. I have recommended Dr. Blaivas to members of my music ensembles as well as my own family. My father has chronically ignored his urological issues, mostly the prostate. When he visits me in NYC I offer to introduce him to Dr. Blaivas. Hopefully one of these days he’ll agree.

In 2013 I had the opportunity to reinforce the life-changing nature of Dr. Blaivas's urethroplasty to a young man in the office. This person was still a teenager and obviously struggling terribly with his stricture. I related strongly to his pain and in the room just prior to a cystoscopy met with him and comforted him, letting him know my experiences and acknowledging the requisite fears. I met a very afraid young man and left him a calm, confident patient.

Talking about strictures is difficult for any man, but it’s my passion to end the taboo. The more men are comfortable talking about their physical problems, the more likely they are to get help. I know I was. Without the candid nature of Dr. Blaivas and his staff, I would not have been so comfortable going under the knife.

Dr. Blaivas's expertise is obvious. From day one I knew he was the person to perform my surgery. He was the fourth urologist I’d seen since 2006 and by the far the finest. His total confidence comforted my partner Belinda and me. He gave me a number of options and never forced the surgery. He gave me space to consider my options, and I would not have done anything different. I only wish I’d met him sooner!

The staff in the office have been probably too much fun. I become chatty pretty easily and often descend into silly conversation with the staff. It breaks an otherwise tense topic and makes discomforts like cystoscopy bearable. Without the staff, I’d be less likely to take care of myself. They make it easy. ”

by Bernard D. on Uro Center of New York
When you get down to it, it’s all about success.

“ Before Dr. Blaivas performed my procedure I felt like shit, like an old man, like life is over. On top of the grief from my wife passing, I had this horror of an existence.

For years my doctor said there was nothing to be done. Quality of life matter, I thought I’d rather be gone.

Let me tell you how I feel now…I feel like I can restore myself to back when I was young, before my wife was ill.

Nobody spoke to me about the downside of radiation. Wasn't even discussed. I hope to revert back to when I was young. I’m planning on exercising, going back to riding a bike.

I can’t say enough about Dr. Blaivas and his staff! I’d highly recommend the practice, why wouldn’t I? The doctor is a nice guy, but it’s all about success right? When you get down to it, it’s all about success. ”

by Carolyn Bechtel on Uro Center of New York
I would tell anyone needing a top urologist exactly what my internist told me

“There is no Other Doctor They Should Consider!

“After being injured by another urologist in Manhattan during an attempted cystoscopy, my internist advised me that Dr. Blaivas had literally “written books” on urology and was the only one I should be seeing. Dr. Blaivas saw me immediately that day in spite of his very full schedule with existing patients.

My condition was extremely uncomfortable and caused me great concern. After the procedure, I am now experiencing normal flow and that has brought me great peace of mind. I would tell anyone needing a top urologist a top urologist exactly what my internist told me - There is no Other Doctor They Should Consider!

Doctor Blaivas has more extensive knowledge and professional creativity to solve problems that very few (and none that I know of in NYC) others are capable of handling. My results from a very unique and difficult anomaly are EXCELLENT! ”

by Sharon Beth Long on Uro Center of New York
I am very grateful to Dr Blaivas for undertaking this difficult surgery and his availability, care and concern afterward.

“ In June 2013 I had a robotic laproscopic vaginally removed total hysterectomy because I had uterine cancer. Although I had stress incontinence prior to the surgery, the surgery made me more incontinent. After two weeks I was totally incontinent. Imaging studies showed that I had a urinary bladder to vagina fistula because the surgery left holes in my bladder and the adjacent vagina and scar tissue from this created a tube from my urinary bladder into my vagina. I was totally incontinent because I was urinating completely through my vagina. This was very painful although I was able to control the pain through the application of large amounts of Destine in my vagina. I went through several adult diapers a day. I am a staff nurse in a hospital and the infection control nurse in my hospital would not permit me to return to work stating that my incontinence was an infection control issue.

The fistula, that is, the holes in the urinary bladder and vagina and the scar tissue connecting them, was located in a difficult to reach area at the top of my vagina. The gynecologic urologist whom I first saw said that the only way to correct this would be through open abdominal surgery because of the location of the fistula. He also said that he needed to insert a urinary catheter through my urethra as a urinary catheter inserted supra pubically would not be effective. I was unable to tolerate the urethral catheter and it led to urinary infection which was also almost intolerable.

Fortunately, my oncologist recommended Dr Jerry Blaivas. I had vaginal fistula repair surgery in June 2013 without having to have a urethral catheter prior to surgery. Not only was Dr Blaivas able to repair the fistula vaginally but also created a “sling” during the same surgery which took care of my stress incontinence and he was able to give me a supra pubic catheter post surgery instead of a urethral one. The surgery immediately cured the the vaginal urination and stress incontinence. I was on a supra pubic catheter for a couple of weeks so as not to put too much pressure on the sutures. This was uncomfortable not because of the catheter itself but because I had a urine infection which is quite common with catheters. Once the bacteria were identified and I was put on the right antibiotics this cleared up quickly.

I am very grateful to Dr Blaivas for undertaking this difficult surgery and his availability, care and concern afterward. After surgery, he even gave me a cell phone number to be able to reach him directly. He made sure that a hospital resident was able to greet me personally at the emergency room to have my catheter removed several weeks after surgery. Anyone who has him as a doctor is very fortunate.

By having the vaginal fistula repair I avoided many of the complications of abdominal surgery which could have been very serious. My recovery time was only a couple of weeks and that was mainly due to the easily corrected urine infection. Furthermore I have my life, and my work, back.”

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