Bladder Sling Surgery Without Mesh

How we fix incontinence without mesh

A new operation?

No, actually it’s an old operation, but it works very well and there are practically no serious complications.  Dr. Blaivasis THE expert at doing them. In fact, Dr. Blaivas was the first person ever to recommend non-mesh slings as the standard treatment for stress incontinence in women, and is the primary author of one of the largest series ever published on this operation, the “the autologous rectus fascial pubovaginal sling.” Further, Dr. Blaivas has written a book chapter in most major textbooks on fascials sling and his work is almost always referenced when others write about non-mesh slings.

So what is an autologous rectus fascial pubovaginal sling?

It’s a procedure wherein a strip of your own tissue, called fascia (the lining of muscle), is used as the sling instead of mesh, which is a synthetic (man-made) material. Because your own tissue is used there is no possibility of erosion or any of the serious complications associated with mesh. And the long term success for incontinence is just as good as mesh. In fact, the fascial sling is still considered the gold standard for the treatment of stress incontinence in women today, just as Dr. Blaivas said nearly a decade ago.

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