Most Common Penile Prosthesis

According to urologists New York at the URO Center, if oral medications for the treatment of erectile dysfunction are not effective, surgery to implant a penile prosthesis is also an option. The penile prosthesis is a silicone device that is implanted into the penis to allow the patient to engage in sexual intercourse while maintaining normal sensation…. read more »

Questions About Peyronie’s Disease

A male’s penis is an important part of his identity as a man and serves a critical role in urinary function and physical pleasure, emotional bonding, and procreation through sexual enjoyment. Urologists New York at the URO Center caution that the penis is susceptible to injuries and problems just like any other part of the… read more »

Tips for Preventing Cystitis

  After an initial diagnosis of cystitis, few preventive procedures are necessary because in the majority of the cases, patients won’t experience another infection for years. Nevertheless, according to the urologists New York at the URO Center, there are numerous common sense methods that should be tried, even if the patient hasn’t had an infection…. read more »

Patient Reviews

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Awards and Recognitions

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